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Cedar Roofing, Siding & Decks in Water Mill, NY

People have been using cedar as roofing and siding for centuries. When harvested, Cedarwood slowly releases Thujone, a powerful antimicrobial toxin that causes nerve damage in bugs. The repellant properties in cedar shake siding make them a popular option for homeowners concerned about adding chemicals into the environment.

Cedar wood’s repellent properties give homeowners and homebuilders a defense against wood rot caused by outdoor exposure to harsh weather. When used as a siding material, cedar shakes begin aging to gradually reveal that dull silver hue that defines the cedar shake look. The classic cedar shake aesthetic adds curb appeal to any home or commercial building project. Cedar wood is an economical choice for decking because it is resistant to wood rot and termites. Our team of experts offer free cedar roofing, siding and decking in Water Mill, NY.

Cedar Roofing

Water Mill cedar roof company, Cedar Masters provide roofing, siding, and decks. Cedar shingles come in varying widths and require expert installers who know how to create the classic cedar shingle roof look. Cedar roofing shingles provide benefits that outperform common asphalt shingles.

Cedar Siding

Although siding sourced from cedar wood is costlier than other traditional siding materials such as aluminum and vinyl, the cedar siding experts at Cedar Masters take care to maintain cedar as a renewable resource. Local builders using Cedar for roofing, siding & decks in Water Mill, NY, ensure regular planting of new cedar trees.

The initial cost associated with using cedar as a building material is higher than that of other natural wood. This is because varying widths and grains make installing it as shingles and shakes for siding and roofs a craft. However, applying the right treatment, siding, and roofs with cedar shingles and shakes last longer on average than asphalt shingles. Cedar shingles need treatment to prohibit mold and fungal growth. Otherwise, a cedar shingle roof becomes a moss garden.